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The New Goes Live

Marketing Communications launched the new University website on June 3.

Working with partners mStoner and Modern Campus (OmniUpdate), we redesigned to engage visitors and reflect the University’s prestige and promise. Informed by research, the site is designed to motivate prospective students rather than merely inform as it guides them through the recruitment process.

A few things to note:

  • The new homepage integrates dynamic, multimedia content and highlights the qualities that make Wilkes special.
  • Responsive design ensures a great user experience no matter if the visitor is viewing on a phone, laptop or tablet.
  • A program finder featured prominently on the homepage allows visitors to easily navigate to their program of interest.
  • Program pages deliver the information that prospective students and their families want in an easy-to-read format.
  • Streamlined inquiry forms make it easier for prospective students to request information and start a conversation.
  • Each department includes a directory page of employees, based on Human Resources listings.

Still to come. We will continue quality assurance testing over the next couple weeks.

Watch for some additional features still in development:

  • Personalization will allow the site to present content targeted to visitors with records in the Slate customer relationship management system. For instance, a prospective student whose record indicates interest in biology will see science-related content on the homepage.
  • Department directory, or locator, pages can accommodate hierarchy. For instance, a dean or chair can be listed at the top of the page rather than in alphabetical order. Complete the form below to request this feature for your department.

Please review pages. We’ve examined pages carefully to ensure they function properly. Please review pages in your department or program area and use the WEBSITE REDESIGN UPDATE REQUEST FORM to report any broken links, missing content or other issues. This is particularly important for pages that previously appeared in righthand navigation.

Many thanks to the Website Redesign Committee for its guidance and assistance. Your input was critical and much appreciated!