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Sordoni Art Gallery Opens New Exhibition

L’Esprit: Exploring Wit & Beauty in French Prints

Aug. 3 – Oct. 10, 2021

Tuesday – Friday | 10 5 p.m.

Saturday | Noon to 5 p.m.

Celebrate the joys and foibles of French society and culture between 1830 and 1930, when Paris was the world capital of artistic creativity, innovation and opportunity. The daily life of people “from the city and country, rich and poor, famous and anonymous“ grew to become a most popular subject.

The exhibition is organized according to several major themes such as depictions that glorify or ridicule the ever-present French State, landscapes of the monuments and street life found in big towns and cities, bucolic renditions of farm life, the adoration of beautiful women, the love of children and the fruitful relationship that arose between printmaking and literature.

To schedule a tour or request more information, please contact or check out the Gallery website.

painting of woman and baby