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The Post-Graduate Prep Program: Steps to Career Prep

Posted: Kimmy Nguyen

The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy is hosting the Post-Graduate Preparation (PGP) Program to help you achieve success after graduation! Sessions are designed to help attain jobs, residencies, fellowships, and other post-graduate pursuits. The program speakers include faculty and recent graduates so you can hear from a variety of different perspectives! While this program is geared towards P4 students, any student in the NSoP is welcome to attend.

Participation is voluntary, and you do NOT have to attend every session. We only ask that you complete the form below to help give us an idea of how many people to expect at each session! The first session will be offered online. We hope to get your opinion on whether we should stay online, hold live on-campus sessions, or offer a flexible hybrid model where you can attend either online or in-person. This will help us in the planning process!


Below are the session descriptions:

09/16/21 – Introductory Q&A Session @ 6-8:00PM – Recent graduates and faculty will discuss different post-graduation options. We’ll answer any and all questions you have regarding the job hunt and the residency and fellowship application process!

9/30/21 – Interview 101 @ 6-8:00PM – Interviews got you feeling antsy? Come learn how to survive the interview process! We’ll discuss how to prepare for an interview and end the session with mock interviews to practice your skills!

10/14/21 – CV/Letter of Recommendation/Letter of Intent/Cover Letter/PhorCas Part I @ 6-8:00PM – We will discuss what should and should not be included in a CV, letter of intent, and cover letter. How and when should you ask for a letter of recommendation? Come find out at this session! After you learn some valuable tips and tricks, you can submit a copy of your CV for expert review by Friday, October 2nd. If you are unable to attend this session, you may still submit a CV for review!

10/28/21 – CV/Letter of Recommendation/Letter of Intent/Cover Letter/PhorCas Part II @ 6-8:00PM – Your CV has been reviewed by an expert, and now it’s time to discuss the feedback. The faculty member assigned your CV will reach out to set up a virtual meeting to really make sure your strengths and achievements shine.

11/11/21 – Mock Showcase @ 6-8:00PM – Find out how to navigate residency showcases and job fairs! We’ll help you make a plan to confidently approach a booth or start a conversation with a potential new employer.

12/02/21 – Interview 102 @ 6-8:00PM – You know how to handle a one-on-one interview, but can you handle it in a group? Learn how to prepare yourself mentally for a group interview complete with a mock session to further hone your skills and get ahead of the game. For those looking into fellowship, now’s the time to practice for your upcoming interviews!

1/13/22 – Interview Final Practice @ 6-8:00PM – Practice, practice, practice. Here’s one last chance to refine your interview skills! We can also give you our honest opinion on what you plan to say.

1/27/22 – Etiquette Dinner @ 6-8:00PM – Did you know there’s a correct way to have a meal in front of professionals? Come learn about the appropriate etiquette for interview lunches/dinners and how to network in different social events. You can also think of it as our final session celebration!