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Post-graduate Prep Program Links

Submitted by Dr. Nguyen

Hope you’re all doing well! Here are links to future Post-graduate Prep Program Links!

10/14/21 – CV/Letter of Recommendation/Letter of Intent/Cover Letter/PhorCas Part I @ 6-8:00PM – We will discuss what should and should not be included in a CV, letter of intent, and cover letter. How and when should you ask for a letter of recommendation? Come find out at this session! After you learn some valuable tips and tricks, you can submit a copy of your CV for expert review by Friday, October 2nd. If you are unable to attend this session, you may still submit a CV for review!

10/28/21 – CV/Letter of Recommendation/Letter of Intent/Cover Letter/PhorCas Part II @ 6-8:00PM – Your CV has been reviewed by an expert, and now it’s time to discuss the feedback. The faculty member assigned your CV will reach out to set up a virtual meeting to really make sure your strengths and achievements shine.

11/11/21 – Mock Showcase @ 6-8:00PM – Find out how to navigate residency showcases and job fairs! We’ll help you make a plan to confidently approach a booth or start a conversation with a potential new employer.

12/02/21 – Interview 102 @ 6-8:00PM – You know how to handle a one-on-one interview, but can you handle it in a group? Learn how to prepare yourself mentally for a group interview complete with a mock session to further hone your skills and get ahead of the game. For those looking into fellowship, now’s the time to practice for your upcoming interviews!

1/13/22 – Interview Final Practice @ 6-8:00PM – Practice, practice, practice. Here’s one last chance to refine your interview skills! We can also give you our honest opinion on what you plan to say.

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