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NCPA blood pressure drive

Submitted by: Pam Brune

NCPA has some exciting upcoming SD-IPPE opportunities that we would like to share with everyone! We have organized blood pressure drives at Albert’s Pharmacy in Pittston and Cook’s Pharmacy in Kingston! I will attach the links below for anyone who is interested in signing up. These hours will count towards patient centered SD-IPPE. These events are only applicable to P2s and P3s not P1s as they have not received training yet by the school. Although, we will organize more blood pressure drives in the spring when P1s are trained! The first event will take place next Wednesday 10/20 so if you are interested please sign up! You must also fill out the required tracing form and SD-IPPE activity log.

Here are the links:
The In-Person Contact Tracing Form BEFORE the event.
The Activity log within 72 hours of the end of the event.

Albert’s Pharmacy- Pharmacist: Joe Albert
Cook’s Pharmacy- Pharmacist: Dr. Kieck