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Clinical Research Opportunities for Students

Submitted by: Dr. DeLuca

Below are 2 opportunities for students to get involved in faculty research. Contact the faculty researcher for more information.

Project #1 with Dr. Manning:

Research Project Title: Community Pharmacist supplement recommendations during COVID
Research Description: Survey examining the recommendation patterns of community pharmacists regarding dietary supplements and vitamins during/for COVID.

Project #2 with Dr. Bolesta and Nash Wenner:

Research Project Title: Assessment of Analgesics and Sedatives in Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19

Research Description: The analgesic and sedation requirements in critically ill patients with COVID-19 have yet to be described. There are various factors that are likely affecting the agents being utilized for analgesia and sedation in these patients with little evidence to guide therapy. Therefore, our overall objective with this proposal is to determine the analgesia and sedation requirements of critically ill patients with COVID-19. Data from this initial trial will help describe the analgesic and sedative use in critically ill patients with COVID-19 and provide insight into issues regarding the weaning and withdrawal these patients experience from these agents.

Expectations: We are seeking one to two additional student(s) to assist with this project. Nash Wenner, a current P4 student, has been working on the project for over a year. We are seeking a student(s) to assume a majority of the ongoing work as Nash begins to plan for his career after graduation. Interested students may be in their second or third professional year of pharmacy school. The student(s) will begin immediately if selected and will continue to work on the project until its completion by the end of 2022. Students should expect to devote 2 – 4 hours per week on this project. For more information about the study and project please contact Dr. Bolesta ( or Nash Wenner (