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What Does the Paper Shortage Mean for Wilkes?

Yes, there’s a paper shortage.

The paper market is experiencing unprecedented strain. Like many products and services, paper mills are suffering from industry-wide labor shortages, supply chain delays related to raw materials and shipping bottlenecks at ports and in the trucking industry. All paper including specialty stock, envelopes and printer paper is impacted. This is an industry-wide issue experienced on a national and international level.

So what does that mean for you?

Read these tips from Marketing Communications and the University Print Shop that will help when planning any print projects:

  • Plan early and communicate frequently. Paper is taking weeks if not months to arrive. Plan your spring projects now. We are already anticipating paper needs for our May commencement, for example. Please call the Print Shop or Marketing Communications if you anticipate a major project being printed in-house in the coming months. We will discuss all options.
  • Remain open and flexible. Perhaps a simpler paper weight and stock will suit your needs, a smaller print quantity is acceptable or double-sided printing is an option. A digital piece may also temporarily suffice. Remain open to other possibilities as we work through these supply issues.
  • Adjust your expectations. There may be times when last-minute jobs cannot be completed due to a lack of paper. Though we can help outsource these projects, this is an industry-wide issue. Local and national printers are facing these same circumstances and may not be able to accommodate our requests.

This is an unfortunate reality with which we are forced to contend. Paper supply chains will be an issue throughout all of 2022. We thank you in advance for your patience, ongoing support and preplanning.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please contact Carrie Marko or Brad Barry.