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Colonels Caring for Colonels

While hope has been working its way into 2021, we know that hardship continues to hit our Wilkes community.  We are continuing the Colonels Caring for Colonels Holiday Effort which will benefit those at the heart of our University–our students. 

While each one of them is privileged to be receiving a Wilkes education, some encounter unforeseen struggles or make great sacrifices for their college education.  Students in these circumstances can sometimes be overlooked by organizations willing to help or students do not know where to go to receive that help. 

While reaching out and affecting the greater community will always be a hallmark of the Colonel spirit, we thought that perhaps this year, we could look inward and help our very own.  That’s where you come in…

We know that faculty and staff can oftentimes be the first point of contact for our students.  If you know of a particular student whom you believe could be a beneficiary of this effort, I invite you to submit their name and story using this submission form.  Submissions will be carefully reviewed by a team composed of members from Student Affairs, USAC and the faculty.  Every effort will be made to protect the integrity of the students and identities will not be made known to the greater public.  Submissions must be received by noon on Friday, Dec. 31, 2021.

We also hope that you will consider making a contribution to this effort by going to the 2021 Colonels Caring for Colonels donation online store and making the donation that best fits your budget.  Donations will be allocated appropriately based on need in the form of gifts, meals or gift cards. If you would like to request that your donation be used in a specific manner, you can email that request directly to  Gifts will be distributed after Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022.

In the past, your participation has helped provide something meaningful for Wilkes students not only in the form of a gift but the feeling of caring and support.  We hope to reignite that same holiday joy this year!

On behalf of the Student Development and Student Affairs teams, we thank you in advance for your consideration and participation in this endeavor.  We will keep you informed about the impact you will have this holiday season.