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Consider Teaching an Honors Course in the Fall

The Honors Program has two requests:

First, please consider teaching an Honors course or adding an Honors (&H) section to courses you are planning to offer for the Fall 2022 semester. Creating an Honors course or Honors section provides our Honors students with opportunities to enhance their academic experience and are not difficult to set up. If you would like to teach an Honors-specific course or to add an &H section to an existing class, please let us know via this Google Form.

Second, we’re asking for your assistance in identifying current students of high academic caliber who have demonstrated leadership potential and a spirit of service who may be interested in applying for a spot in the Honors Program. The “on ramp” that we put into place last year is meant to give current students an opportunity to join the Honors Program during their first year at Wilkes University.

To qualify for the Honors Program current Wilkes students must:

  • Have at least six remaining semesters in their traditional undergraduate experience to ensure adequate time for them to complete their Honors credits before graduation.
  • Have maintained a high GPA of at least 3.5 during their time at Wilkes
  • Have demonstrated clear leadership potential and community service participation either on campus or in the broader community

If you believe that any of your students or advisees would qualify for the Honors Program and would benefit from the many additional opportunities that admission into the Program would provide, please encourage them to fill out this application.


Please contact or