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2022 Remote Pharmacy Summer Internship Program- RxPharmacist

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RxPharmacist is excited to sponsor our 2022 Pharmacy Graduate Internship program to your 4th year graduating pharmacy students! We have always provided our internship program to offer students the opportunity to work remotely on their own schedule and hours. As the coronavirus may have unfortunately affected students short-term career plans such as residencies or fellowships, we hope to offer our internship program to support them as much as possible during this time of uncertainty.

The purpose of our program is to help graduates transition from students into their careers. We will support them studying for their licensure board exams while getting paid to help them financially during this gap before they start their careers and/or residency and fellowship programs.

Students will gain technical writing skills and be assigned a preceptor to support their career objectives with real world insights and mentorship. Our past interns have successfully secured full-time positions in the careers they desired with the help of our preceptors.