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Find Fall Courses Addressing Diversity Issues

Working with deans and department chairs, we’ve compiled the following list of courses substantially addressing topics related to diversity. Interested students can contact course instructors for more information.

ANT 101 (IHA, INA, &HH) Introduction to Anthropology/WGS; Dr. Winkler

ANT 102 (&HH, IHA) Cultural Anthropology/WGS; Dr. Winkler

COM 306 (A) Gender and Communication/WGS; Dr. Briceño

EC 102 (A, B, &HA, &HB) Principle of Economics II; Dr. Seeley

EC 230 (A) The Economics of Crime; Dr. Seeley

ED 220 (IHA) Teach Cult/Linguist Divers/OPO; Dr. Polachek

ED 220 (INA) Teach Cult/Linguist Divers/OPO; Professor Balice

ENG 120 (A) Reading Amer Experience; Professor Howey

ENG 120 (C) Cultural Crossroads/WGS; Dr. Davis

ENG 120 (D) Reading Amer Experience; Dr. Kelly

ENG 120 (F) Cultural Crossroads/WGS; Staff

ENG 120 (G) Reading Amer Experience/WGS; Staff

ENG 120 (INA, INB) Reading Amer Experience; Dr. Kuhar

ENG 201 (A) Writing about Lit.& Cult/WI; Dr. Stanley

ENG 203 (A) Creative Writing; Professor Kovacs

ENG 225 (A) Comparative Grammar/DH; Dr. Stanley

ENG 233 (A, &H) Survey of English Literature I; Dr. Hamill

ENG 282 (A) American Literature II/WGS; Dr. Kuhar

ENG 308 (A) Rhet Anal/Nonfic Pros Wri/WI; Dr. Davis

ENG 357 (A) Studies in Gothic Literature/WGS; Dr. Anthony

ENG 397 (A) Medieval/Renaiss Drama/DH/WGS; Dr. Hamill

HST 125 (A) American History I/WGS; Professor Smith

HST 331 (A) Colonial America/WS; Dr. Sopcak Joseph

HST 398 (A) US Disability History; Staff

MGT 538 (&H) International Business; Dr. Taylor

MUS 101 (&H, &HB) Introduction to Music/HONORS; Dr. Simon

MUS 101 (A) Intro to Mus: Hist of Amer Pop; Dr. Simon

MUS 101 (B) Intro to Mus: Music in the US; Dr. Simon

MUS 101(INA, INB) Intro to Mus: Classical Music; Professor Vaida

PHA 308 (A, &H) Pharm and Health Care Delivery; Dr. Roke

PHL 114 (A, &H) Intro. to Bioethics/WGS; Dr. Zarpentine

PS 111 (A, B) Intro to American Government; Dr. Kreider

PS 111 (INA) Intro to American Government; Dr. Maierean

PS 151 (A, &H) Intro to Comparative Politics; Dr. Miller

PSY 221 (A, B) Developmental Psychology/WGS; Dr. Thomas

PSY 242 (A) Personality; STAFF

PSY 242 (E) Personality; Professor Hazlak

PSY 341 (A) Intro. to Social Psychology; Professor Newell

SOC 101 (B) Intro. to Sociology/WGS; STAFF

SOC 101 (C, D) Intro. to Sociology/WGS; Dr. Wilczak

SOC 101 (INA, IND) Intro to Sociology/WGS; Dr. Tuttle

SOC 325 (A) Juvenile Delinquency; STAFF

SOC 352 (A) Social Stratification; Dr. Tuttle