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Managed Care Internship Opportunity!

Dr. Steven Kheloussi

Attention P1s and P2s!!

Do you have an interest in pursuing a career in managed care? If so, check out this unique REMOTE internship opportunity!

Former Wilkes grad Dr. Anastasia Mauger is now the Director of Clinical Services at Keyscripts, LLC – a PBM based out of Harrisburg. She’s looking to hire a P1 or P2 for a remote internship with flexible hours!

Some job details:
– The position will be virtual, and we would provide equipment for remote work.
– It’s a part-time job, about 10-15 hours per week, and flexible based on our current projects. We can adjust based on the semester/class schedule, and there would be opportunities to work more hours in the summer.
– It is an ongoing position, so you can continue the internship up until graduation.
– The intern would help with formulary management, drug news articles/blog posts, and clinical reporting and analysis (reviewing utilization of opioids, brands w/ generics, etc.).

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you plan on applying and I’ll put in a good word!
Dr. Kheloussi