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Mock Trial Competition

Submitted by: Dr. Judith DeLuca

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy is hosting the 1st ever Mock Trial Competition and I think it’s a good time for Wilkes University Pharmacy Students to show the other pharmacy schools who’s the BEST! This self-directed team activity requires the application of knowledge (literature evaluation; research design and critique; evidence-based practice and decision-making), skills (critical thinking; communication; debate; advocacy), and attitudes (collaboration; professionalism; leadership; self-awareness). To apply for this competition, a team of 6 students will need to write 1 page for and 1 page against this issue: “COVID-19 has permanently changed the scope of pharmacy practice.” Based on this written submission, teams will be invited to participate in the virtual semi-finals in June 2022. The final competition will occur in July 2022. The deadline to apply is 5/16/22. If you’re interested in competing, contact Dr. DeLuca.