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COLONEL SPOTLIGHT: Congratulations to the Script Your Future Team

Picture of excited pharmacy students and faculty

This year marks the fourth year the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy has participated in the Script Your Future (SYF) Challenge!

Over two months, our team:

  • Included 205 volunteers and 378 volunteer hours
  • Directly counseled 1,184 patients
  • Completed around 50 community events and activities
  • Developed social media, newsletters, articles and other sources of media that included two evidence-based articles on a pharmacy webpage, five electronic newsletters, 40+ social media posts, 801 social media likes and 58,231 post views
  • Created an adherence questionnaire for Highmark Health to impact patients across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Delaware
  • Created a physician-based prescribing guide on COVID-19 antivirals that was embedded within an entire healthcare system’s electronic healthcare record
  • Directly reached 35 patients who are members of an underserved or special population, including children/adolescents and elderly patients.

Special shout-outs go to:

  • The SYF faculty advisor Dr. Troy Lynn Lewis
  • Our SYF student leaders Stephanie Hauser and Abbey McCabe
  • Our SYF social media representative Bree Polascik
  • Our SYF reporting representatives Zachary Niemic, Abby Keating and Joclyn Day
  • Our SYF video creators Dev Kothari and Alexandra DeMar
  • Our SYF COVID-19 antiviral ambassadors Emily Yesner and Gillian Dudeck
  • Our SYF faculty preceptors Dr. Danielle Kieck, Dr. Adam VanWert, Dr. Kimmy Nguyen, Dr. Nicole Pezzino, and Dr. Letitia Warunek
  • Our SYF alumni preceptor Dr. Cody Morcom
  • All of the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy clubs and organizations who participated with SYF this year
  • All P1 to P4 student volunteers who created Tiktoks, infographics, presented posters, developed adherence questionnaires, took blood pressures, handed out pledge cards, wrote articles, participated in events, and dedicated your time and energy during a busy school year to improve patient adherence, vaccine confidence and safe medication disposal.