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Clinical Staff Pharmacist Role

Submitted by: Mayank Amin

Clinical Staff Pharmacist
Skippack Pharmacy (Skippack, PA)

Skippack Pharmacy is seeking a clinical staff pharmacist to oversee the day-to-day
operations of the Pharmacy department. This role will assist in the training and
development of students and staff, estimating personnel needs, assigning work,
meeting completion dates, interpreting and ensuring consistent application of
organizational policies and relies on experience and professional judgment to plan
and accomplish assigned tasks and goals.

Primary responsibility is the provision of integrated clinical and distributive
pharmacy services and direct patient care programs. Performs all duties necessary
for the effective daily operation of the pharmacy and proficiently leads general
direct patient care programs with support staff, advanced drug management
services, and all medication use systems throughout the pharmacy. Actively
functions as a member of clinical pharmacy services and multidisciplinary teams to
proficiently complete critical medication order scrutiny, drug profile review, and
monitoring of patients with a broad range of disease states to identify, prevent, or
mitigate medication-related problems. Delivers general and specialty medication
therapy management consult services and disease state management services as
needed and proactively intervenes in all areas of medication use as appropriate to
optimize patient outcomes. Actively participates in outstanding customer service
and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful
to all.

Knowledge, Skills, Education, & Experience Required:
• Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy, or other advanced
pharmacy degree required
• Strong verbal and written communication, organizational, problem-solving,
and customer service skills
• Flexibility and willingness to adapt to changes as necessary
• Ability to work well without supervision and to supervise personnel
• Ability to interact constructively with peers, and support personnel
• Ability to analyze data and follow up and resolve discrepancies
• Ability to keep accurate and complete records
• Ability to teach, precept, and facilitate experiential training
• Initiative to keep abreast of developments in the provision of pharmacy

• Initiative to keep abreast of new information/products/developments in the
field of pharmacy
• Proficiency with computer systems, pharmacy technology, and pharmacy
• Proficiency in retail independent pharmacy practice, patient-centered care,
advanced pharmacy practice, medication therapy management, and
evidence-based medicine
Licensure, Certification, or Registration Required:
• Current, valid State of Pennsylvania Pharmacist license or licensure within 1
month of starting. Current CPR Certification / Certification for Immunization
Job Responsibilities:
• Pharmacy Operations – Actively performs all pharmacist functions, actively
participates in established standard work parameters, and maintains
functional proficiency in and actively provides coverage of pharmacy.
Oversees and ensures appropriate utilization of medication automation,
technology, and computer systems. Accurately oversees the management of medication inventories and the preparation and dispensing of patient-
specific medication doses. Supervises technician and intern practice, prioritizes work load, organizes work flow, and checks accuracy of pharmacy
technician activities.
• Pharmacy Practice – Completes critical medication order scrutiny, drug
profile review, and patient monitoring to identify, prevent, or mitigate
medication-related problems. Proficiently verifies/enters medication orders
and proactively communicates with medical staff to resolve problem
medication orders. Provides patient-centered care services, including
accurate, safe and timely medication therapy, and promotes cost-effective
drug therapy. Initiates and facilitates appropriate drug dosing and manages
medication-related pharmacist consults. Facilitates medication safety
practices, including identifying, mitigating, and reporting potential and
actual adverse drug events, adverse drug reactions, and medication errors.
Maintains continuous learning and pharmacy practice development. Leads
and facilitates pharmacy practice programs, directs patient care services,
and medication systems, including developing and monitoring patient care
and pharmacy practice metrics. Effectively collaborates with outside
physicians office and strategic business unit leaders to advance patient care
services and pharmacy programs.

• Clinical Pharmacy Services – Provides primary coverage of direct patient care
programs and provides accurate, safe, timely, and appropriate medication
therapy based on patient needs. Places practice priority on the delivery of
patient-centered care. Provides comprehensive coverage of
pharmacy/clinical areas and maintains expertise and continuity-of-practice
in assigned patient care areas, clinical roles, and practice assignments.
Leads and facilitates assigned patient service lines and therapeutic areas
and assumes responsibility for the outcomes of the pharmacy care
programs in assigned practice areas.
• Teamwork and Inter-professional Collaboration – Presents to assigned areas
on time and ready to work and does not exhibit excessive unscheduled
absenteeism. Ensures continuity of care between shifts, among pharmacy
staff assignments, and across pharmacy practice areas. Supports other
pharmacy operations and areas outside of current assignment. Works
effectively with all members of the healthcare team to ensure the best
outcome for the patient and demonstrates sensitivity to the perspective of
the patient, caregiver, or health care colleague in all communications.
Assists pharmacy team with the integration of clinical pharmacy services,
drug utilization programs, and pharmacy operations throughout the
• Teaching, Training, Precepting, and Mentoring – Mentors new staff and
assists with training of all staff as requested. Develops and maintains quality
training opportunities and relationships for teaching and precepting
pharmacy students and fellow. Actively precepts and mentors pharmacy
students (IPPE and APPE) and pharmacy fellow.
• Leadership and Organizational Involvement – Supports practice
advancement initiatives and stewardship initiatives led by colleagues and
peers. Maintains professional image by participating in department practice
councils and external pharmacy professional groups (local, state, or
national). Exhibits business skills essential to a practice-based leader and
participates in the pharmacy department planning and budgeting process.

Pay: $100,000.00 – $120,000.00 per year
Bonus Details: Monthly Commissions for Clinical Services (no cap) & Annual
Performance Bonus

Send CV/resume and to find out additional information, please reach out to Dr.
Mak at