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Center for GIScience to Present Two Teaching with Technology Workshops

The Center for Geographic Information Science will be presenting two workshops on Wednesday, June 29.

The first workshop (11 a.m. to noon) introduces the Center for Geographic Information Science (GIScience) which has been in existence at Wilkes for over a decade, but goes underutilized.

At the Center, we can work with instructors to develop map-based interactive assignments and content or even work with students to develop map-based (web, digital or hardcopy) visualizations and dashboards. The geospatial tools we have available can also help departments/instructors create web-based, interactive story maps.

During this session, Assistant Professor Bobak Karimi (director of the Center) will discuss what we do in more detail, what resources we have available and how a variety of different geospatial datasets can be used to enhance learning in different disciplines. Additional details will be provided regarding the use of the Center for GIScience for research.

At the second workshop (noon to 1 p.m.), instructors will develop ideas of how they might utilize the Center for GIScience. Karimi will work with instructors closely and point them to best resources and practices or provide them with further examples.

If instructors are interested in pursuing further the creation of geospatial content, the Center for GIScience will work with them to prepare this content for the fall 2022 and spring 2023 terms.

To register for these sessions, please click here.