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Geisinger Paid Research Position

Submitted by: Dr. DeLuca

Students interested in working on an in-person pediatric research study that takes place in the WB-Scranton region this summer and potentially into the Fall semester should contact Dr. Kari Phang at Here is more information about the research:

Study: Parent Dosing of Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Diphenhydramine
Goal: The overall goal of this study is to evaluate dosing errors for these 3 medications (specific aims and full protocol attached).
Northeast Location: Wilkes Barre or Pittston Geisinger Pediatric Clinic

• Interviewer will recruit, consent and perform patient interviews in the pediatric clinic with pediatric caregivers from the pediatric clinic schedule. Pediatric caregivers who complete the study receive a $10 amazon giftcard for participation in the study.
• Interviewer would perform approximately 1 interview per hour. Our team would train the interviewer all aspects of the study (no prior experience necessary, but previous research interview experience is looked upon favorably). Each interview takes approximately 20-30 minutes and includes 4 dosing assessments, health literacy assessment and collection of demographic information. All data would be input directly into REDCap.
• Interviewer would spend at least 3-4 hours per day multiple days per week recruiting patients, though a full time student for the summer would be preferred. I will be continuing this study into the fall if the student or research assistant desires to continue to work on the project through the fall.
• Opportunity to contribute as an author on manuscripts and presentations.