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Wilkes Launches Annual University Family Campaign

university family campaign logo featuring the roof of kirby hall

As we welcome our students back on campus, we are proud to announce the launch of our annual University Family Campaign.

The Wilkes family has a long history of coming together to address the needs of our students. Through this campaign, we have the opportunity to provide funds that are vitally important to the work we do every day.

The Wilkes Fund helps maintain our beautiful campus and keeps operations running smoothly. Scholarships support deserving students, helping them attend and remain in school. And there are countless other funds that support programs or departments that resonate personally with you. You choose where your money goes and how you pay. You can pledge or even deduct small gifts from your paychecks (you can do this over 16 pays until the conclusion of the fiscal year). The deadline to participate is Monday, Sept. 12. 

We hope you share our enthusiasm for coming together to make our community the best it can be. We have been through our share of struggles and changes here at Wilkes, but together we have come out stronger than ever.  We have so many reasons to be hopeful, and with our collective support, we are demonstrating our confidence in the future of Wilkes University.

To participate in the University Family campaign, visit