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Attend the Post-graduate Preparation Program

Submitted by: Dr. Nguyen

The Post-graduate Preparation Program is here for the 2022-23 academic year! Hosted by Dr. Franko, Dr. Kieck, and Dr. Nguyen, this optional program is geared primarily towards P4 students. However, if you’re a P1, P2, or P3 and see an interesting topic, we welcome you to attend by contacting Dr. Nguyen for the Zoom information.

Sessions are scheduled for Thursday evenings at 6:00PM and will be 1-2 hours depending on the topic. You can attend as many sessions as you’d like. You’re also able to access content, like presentations and handouts, even if you don’t attend the sessions.

Here’s the schedule:

09/15/22 – Introductory Q&A About the Post-grad Prep Program and General Questions @ 6-8:00PM — Link to Submit Questions or Concerns about the Career Prep Process:

We’ll answer any and all questions you have regarding the job hunt and the residency and fellowship application process!

9/29/22 – Application Materials @ 6-7:00PM
We’ll discuss what should and should not be included in a CV, letter of intent, and cover letter. How and when should you ask for a letter of recommendation? Does social media matter? Come find out at this session! After you learn some valuable tips and tricks, you can submit a copy of your CV for expert review. If you are unable to attend this session, you can still submit a CV! Faculty who reviewed the materials will reach out to the student directly to discuss.

10/13/22 – Interview 101 @ 6-7:00PM
Interviews got you feeling antsy? Come learn how to survive the interview process! We’ll discuss how to prepare for an interview and end the session with mock interviews to practice your skills! This is especially important for people preparing to interview for fellowship and those preparing to talk to current employers about a job after graduation.

10/27/22 – Negotiating Salary @ 6-7:00PM (Tentative)
You have your first job offer. They tell you the salary. What do you do next? What *should* you do?
(This session is tentative since we are still finalizing dates with the guest speaker.)

11/10/22 – Showcase Preparation @ 6-7:00PM
Find out how to navigate residency showcases and job fairs! We’ll help you make a plan to confidently approach a booth or start a conversation with a potential new employer. If you’re going after residency, we can also talk about how to narrow down your options.

1/12/23 – Interview Practice @ 6-8:00PM — In-person and Virtual Options to practice interviews
Practice makes perfect, and at this point, interview invitations are being sent out for those pursuing residency. Make sure you don’t say the wrong thing by joining us for one last practice round.

We hope you join us!