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Study the Buddha’s strategies for alleviating distress and anxiety next semester

Do you suffer in your life?  Do you feel that things are unsatisfactory?  The Buddha has a solution for that! Take PHL 244 Buddhist Thought next spring (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.) and explore his answers.

According to the Buddha, many of our negative feelings arise because we are deluded in various ways, particularly regarding our selves.  He argues that if we can learn to see things as they are, we can wake up and live without the stress, anxiety, worry and suffering we experience now.   In this course, we will be examining those ideas as well as questions about the nature of reality, happiness, suffering, and human life in general.  Philosophy and psychology are deeply entwined here.  In order to better understand the ideas under examination, we will experiment with some basic Buddhist practices – mindfulness, sitting meditation, walking meditation, metta practice, tonglen, and more.

This course counts toward the WGS minor.  The prerequisite is any 100-level Philosophy course or permission of the instructor.

Contact Dr. Linda Paul ( for more information.