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NSoP Conference Room (SLC 136)

Submitted by Ms. Holt-Macey

Our new School Conference Room (SLC 136) is now available for reservations for meetings, etc., through Bernadette Frail and/or Theresa Rule. This is a “soft opening”; much of the technology for our new rooms has not yet been delivered/installed.  With the exception of the new Care Lab (SLC 126), which will remain “in-School” just as our current Care Lab is, the other new rooms on the first floor and in the basement will ultimately be reservable through the Registrar’s Office. Once they are fully online with all needed technology, these will be scheduled first for pharmacy course needs, then other course needs (if any), and then can be reserved for specific other uses by individuals/groups. As of now just B07 is online with the Registrar’s office. When there are more updates we will let you know!