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Abortion Care Basket-Building!

You are cordially invited to participate in an Abortion Care Basket-building event on Tuesday, December 13 at 4pm in the Miller Room (2nd floor of the Student Union Building). This event will benefit Planned Parenthood Keystone – our local affiliate – and, particularly and especially, patients who receive services at the Wilkes-Barre Planned Parenthood health center. Our baskets will contain cozy and comforting after-care products and snacks and will provide significant support to individuals who could use it!

We are in need of supplies for our event and ongoing Abortion Care Basket events, so, if you are able, please bring an item or two to contribute. The list of needed items is as follows: adhesive heating pads or under pads, granola bars, and fruit snacks and/or gummies.

There will be information on volunteering and otherwise contributing to the work of Planned Parenthood Keystone, so definitely stop in if you’re interested in getting involved.

Let’s gather to celebrate and support the people and services of Planned Parenthood Keystone and to also celebrate and support one another at this busy time of year! This will be a great opportunity to build community and do a little something good while we’re at it.

Please feel free to bring a friend! See you there.