English Class Presentations

All students and faculty are invited to attend the English 308 Rhetorical Analysis and Nonfiction Prose Writing Student Presentations on Thursday, December 15, 2022 from 10:30-12:30. 

Presenting are:

Sydney Kraynack
“‘Canceling’ The Misuse of Cancel Culture”

Damien Rineer
“Universal Basic Income Should be Given More Thought and Testing”

Matthew Tocket
“Why Can Nobody Agree on Immigration Reform?”

Emily Cherkauskas
“Privacy for reproductive healthcare in the digital age”

Daniel Stish
“Against Technocracy”

Alexis Charowsky
“Weighing the Benefits and Risks of the Combination Pill”

Mya Corcoran
“The Negative Impacts of Grade Retention and a Need for Reform”

Karlie Schmeer
“Dying with Dignity”

Juliana Lueders
“Removing the Stigma: Standardize Sexual Education”