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Script Your Future Student Lead Volunteers

Submitted by: Dr. Danielle Kieck

It is that time of year again!!! We are recruiting student leads for the national Script your Future Competition. For those of you who do not know what Script your Future is, it is a competition between schools of pharmacy to encourage engagement with the local community to encourage patient adherence and other public health initiatives (website: This year’s competition will run from 2/10/23 to 3/24/23.

Wilkes University has been recognized nationally three times for our outstanding community engagement, winning the national award last year in 2022, the social media award in 2021, and the rookie award in 2019. Let’s make this year another great year 🙂 Below are the positions we are recruiting with a brief description of roles and responsibilities. Please reach out via email to both Dr. Kieck ( and Dr. Lewis ( with the position you are interested in serving in, and statement of interest ASAP but no later than 1/23/23.  

P3SYF Student Leaders(2) –  Plan events and encourage involvement of other pharmacy organizations to expand outreach. 

Video Representatives (4)- Students will work together to create an educational/promotional video focused on the importance of medication adherence. This position is suited for students who are creative, technologically oriented, skilled in creating videos, and are excited to promote medication adherence through a video platform 🙂 WE WON THIS AWARD IN 2021!
Here is the nationally recognized and award-winning video we submitted in 2021:

Reporting Representatives (3)- These representatives will work with Dr. Kieck to manage tracking of our events and to submit our final application/report for grading early in April. Short weekly summary reports will also be sent to make sure the NSOP is up to date. This position is suited for students with efficient writing skills.