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Pelham Pharmacy is currently looking to hire a pharmacy intern.

Submitted by: Chizoba Amuchie

Pelham Pharmacy is currently looking to hire a pharmacy intern for the period of February 10th through July 31st. Required hours will be approximately 11hrs a week.

Intern will be expected to:

a. Work with pharmacy team to expand patient care services that support Medicaid patients of high

social vulnerability with hypertension management

b. Screen/assess patients with hypertension for disease control and medication related problems

with preceptor oversight including:

i. Blood pressure screenings and follow up

ii. Medication adherence assessment and support (e.g. medication synchronization,

adherence packaging)

iii. Hypertension-focused medication therapy management

iv. Care coordination with other healthcare team members regarding hypertension


v. Lifestyle modifications

vi. Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) screenings and referrals

c. Conduct implementation support projects such as:

i. Patient education resources

ii. Patient-facing handouts or flyer for hypertension services

iii. eCare planning guides

iv. Pharmacy team member engagement

v. Capturing de-identified, impactful patient care stories through the care provided in this


vi. Social media engagement for PPCN and/or pharmacy

vii. Other resources and/or projects where needed

d. Document all care provided through eCare plan and additional patient care Qualtrics and

reporting of outcomes to the PPCN and Pitt teams per provided deadlines and requirements.

e. Attend an in-person blood pressure monitoring training/workshop at the Pennsylvania

Pharmacists Association Midyear Conference in Lancaster, PA from February 24-26, 2023 (exact

date and time TBD); support for travel accommodations will be provided through the grant

f. Participate in all bi-weekly or monthly virtual program meetings throughout the duration of the

program with the PPCN/Pitt team and interns

g. Have the potential opportunity to present program experiences at other state or national


If interested, please email a copy of your CV/Resume to

Thank You,

Chizoba Amuchie, PharmD

Clinical Staff Pharmacist 

Pelham Pharmacy

6555 Greene Street, St #3

Philadelphia, PA. 19119

Phone: 215-848-0500