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Volunteer Opportunity at Camp Spifida

Submitted by: Dana Achenbach

Camp Spifida is looking for volunteers for camp counselors!

Camp Spifida is a camp for kids ages 6-18 with spina bifida. Camp Spifida is held at Camp Victory in Millville, PA from Saturday, July 22, 2023 to Friday, July 28, 2023. We operate in a 1:1 counselor-to-camper ratio and each cabin is staffed with a medical doctor. Counselors arrive to camp on Saturday for a day of training prior to camper arrival on Sunday afternoon.

We have a great week of “Out Of This World” activities and events lined up for our campers and would love for you to join us!

For any additional questions or to receive a counselor application, please reach out to Kelly Hammaker at or Dana Achenbach (PharmD Class of 2018) at


The mission of Camp Spifida is to provide a typical camping experience, allowing for health and physical limitations, with emphasis on positive self-image, independence and self-assurance in all campers.
At Camp Spifida we believe that every child should be able to spend a week at camp – laughing, swimming, and singing around the campfire, but for children with spina bifida, summer camp was only a faraway dream until Camp Spifida was formed over 2 decades ago. Children ages 6 through 18 attend camp for a week full of fun and friendship.
Camp Spifida has been serving children since 1992, first as a day camp, then as a six-day overnight camping experience in the beautiful fields and woodlands of central Pennsylvania. It was created by a noted spina bifida specialist, the late Dr. Oscar Oberkircher, his family, and other volunteers.
A tortoise is the camp’s mascot, because, as someone said, “Our kids remind us of the Tortoise and the Hare. It may take a while for them to get where they are going, but they always manage to get there!”
Camp Spifida is under the administration of Camps for Spiffy-Kyds, Inc., a non-profit organization that has been incorporated in Pennsylvania since 1994.