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Summer 2023 Internship | Register for Credits

Calling all students who want to register their Summer 2023 internship for credit!

Since you can register for Summer 2023 classes starting on Sunday, March 19 at 10pm, think about filling out the etrieve form to register your internship!

Please note: You must register for your internship MANUALLY. You can only do this by filling out the following etrieve form.

  • You will need to also have 3 documents filled out: the Data Form, Academic Project Form, and Internship Agreement Form. The Data Form is something you need to fill out with your Site Supervisor. The Academic Project Form needs to be completed with your Faculty Coordinator, and the Internship Agreement Form is just for you to fill out and sign. You can find those documents HERE; however, ensure you attach them to the etrieve form before submitting.
  • The process of approving the internship etrieve form can take up to 5 days, as long as your student financial aid is up-to-date and in good standing.
  • Once the Internship Coordinator, then Faculty Advisor, then Faculty Chair and Faculty Coordinator approves of the form, the registrar will manually add the internship course to your course schedule.
  • Also note, you will be cross-registered for CPE 300 (this is not a course) which is a placeholder on D2L where you will upload your Timesheets and Diversity Paper during your internship.

If you need any help finding an internship for this Summer, please do not hesitate to reach out to Anna Bateman at Not sure if you can complete an internship over the Summer? Be sure to chat with your Faculty Advisor and Anna Bateman to be sure! Still looking for an internship for the Summer of 2023? Chat with Anna to start looking at your options!