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TAP Streetscape and and Pedestrian Improvements Project to Begin on May 22

The TAP 3 Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvements Project that connects other projects (TAP1, TAP2, MM1, MM2, South Campus Project) to further enhance campus safety, will begin on May 22, and continue through August 25, 2023:

Project Locations: S. Franklin from Ross to South, and W. South from Franklin to Main.

Project Impacts:

  • Sidewalk closures one side at a time,
  • the parking lot south of Passan will be closed as a construction staging area, and
  • S. Franklin street from W. Ross to W. South will be closed for a few weeks during the project.

Work being completed:

  1. Side walk replacement
  2. Curb repairs & replacement
  3. Addition of new lighting to improve night time pedestrian and vehicular safety
  4. Addition of new street trees to enhance our campus
  5. Addition of a raised pedestrian cross walk across S. Franklin between Marts Center and Passan

If you have questions, please contact Charles Cary.