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Help Shape the University Mission & Values

Members of the campus community are invited to provide feedback on working drafts of the University mission statement and values (below) in one or more of the following ways:

  • On-Campus Open Meeting: Tuesday, May 2 at 12 noon in the Miller Room
  • On-Campus Open Meeting: Friday, May 5, at 1pm in the Miller Room
  • Virtual Open Meeting: Wednesday, May 10, at 3pm via Zoom (
  • Complete this brief form:

Thank you in advance for your help shaping the mission statement and values. Your participation in this important process is greatly valued.


Background Information

A mission statement must clearly and concisely define our purpose as an institution and our values should describe the core principles we strive to embody. To ensure the mission and values are representative of Wilkes, we invite faculty, staff, students and alumni to provide feedback on these drafts:

Working Draft – Mission Statement

Wilkes University empowers our students with transformative educational experiences and transferable skills through mentoring, individualized opportunities and innovative teaching and scholarship in an inclusive environment to meaningfully advance the global community.

Working Draft – Values

At Wilkes University, we consider the following values to be guiding principles:

  • Mentorship: nurturing the whole person and inspiring success through personal attention
  • Scholarship: advancing knowledge through research, discovery and the creative arts to stimulate intellectual curiosity and educate our constituents
  • Diversity: ensuring all members of the campus community experience equitable, inclusive and accessible opportunities to excel
  • Community: fostering a sense of belonging and social connection through a culture of care, respect and support
  • Innovation: embracing and encouraging new ideas and programs through sustainable, high-impact practices
  • Service: impacting society through active citizenship, collaboration and partnerships
  • Stewardship: recognizing our responsibility to preserve our mission and institutional knowledge to ensure the continuity and evolution of Wilkes