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Teaching with Technology 2023 Week Two – What’s on Tap?

Week Two of TWT is coming up on June 21. On tap for this week we have Bobby Karimi doing two sessions on how to use StoryMaps in your classes. First, he’ll give an overview of what StoryMaps are and how they can be used to engage your students and connect geographic locations with important events or concepts. Then he’ll go in-depth on how to create your own StoryMaps through a hands-on guided activity. If you have never used the tools in the GIS lab, this is a great opportunity to see how they can augment your classes! For the third session, we dive into AI again and Joseph Nalbone takes us through what tools are available to help faculty detect when students may have inappropriately used AI and how reliable these tools may or may not be. Take note that Bobby’s sessions will be in the GIS lab on campus and Joseph’s will be offered via zoom.

Get all of the details and register for sessions by visiting the TWT website.  

Earn the TWT 2023 Attendee Badge by attending at least three complete sessions over the course of the event.

Your colleagues and the OTTL staff look forward to seeing you! Any questions, email us at