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Need Help with GrubHub?

Wilkes Dining Services has transitioned from Dining Sidekick to GrubHub as the primary platform for food ordering and pick-up services on campus. We also understand the importance of flexibility, so the cash equivalency option you’ve come to rely on is still available, ensuring you can make the most of your dining experience and meal plan. For students experiencing any technical difficulties with the app, please delete your Wilkes Card as a method of payment, exit the app, and then go back in and add your card again. You will need to re-authenticate using your Wilkes sign in information, but reloading your card may alleviate some of the ordering issues being encountered. Also, please keep meal periods in mind, as the equivalency value is only available once per meal period:

Breakfast 7:00am – 10:49am
Lunch 10:50am – 4:30pm
Dinner 4:31pm – 7:30pm
Late Night 7:31pm – 9:00pm
Brunch (weekend only) 10:00am – 4:30pm

For further technical assistance, please email: and/or