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Role of Identity in Shaping our Community-Keynote Address

As we strive to create an inclusive and empowering environment, we recognize the need to expand our understanding of the pivotal role that identity plays in shaping our campus community. 
We wish to share with you a keynote address by Professor Kwame Appiah, titled “Living with Identity,” presented at the Atlantic Institute Leadership Convening in 2022. The Atlantic Institute is dedicated to developing leaders to challenge inequity locally and globally, and this keynote provides a thought-provoking exploration into the intricate interplay between identity and community management.  In his address, Professor Appiah eloquently underscores the notion that our identities are not only personal markers, but also fundamental building blocks of the communities we belong to. Through his insightful discourse, Professor Appiah beautifully articulates how commitments to one another can transcend even the most serious disagreements, highlighting the importance of unity in diversity. Furthermore, the address delves into the ideas of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship, shedding light on the interconnectedness of our world. It prompts us to reflect on how we can better prepare our students to engage with the global community, fostering a sense of responsibility and belonging that extends far beyond the confines of our campus. It also prompts us to examine what identities are highlighted here, and what are the markers of our shared campus identity. This is a full keynote, perfect for background listening and reflecting.