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TODAY! – Wellness Beyond  Stress Management – Wellness Presentation

We know it’s a busy time of year and you might be dealing with a lot of stress that may be contributing to you feeling overwhelmed or anxious. The Wellness Committee would like to invite you to join Drs. Todd Hastings and Eugene Lucas, members of our nursing faculty, for a workshop to help you better cope with your circumstances and improve your overall well-being.

Title: Self-Care and Self-Compassion: Wellness Beyond  Stress Management

Description: This presentation addresses several key considerations in support of improving emotional regulation.  Basic strategies to cope with stressors and anxiety will be addressed around self-care.  In addition, overviews of mindfulness and compassion practice approaches supporting sustained wellness will be presented.  This workshop is a sanctioned wellness activity that can count toward your 2025 open enrollment wellness incentive.

Date/time: Wednesday, April 17 at 12pm

Location: Breiseth hall, room 316 (space limited to 50 participants) 

Please sign up here.